Kayleigh’s Ombre Sheep

This week we hear from one of our lovely customers, so over to you Kayleigh:

Recipe & photos Kayleigh Phoenix Drew:

Getting a perfect ombre fade in soap might seem tricky, but with a simple technique you’ll get gorgeous results every time.

I am based in the north east, I started making soap as I have a skin condition that makes me react to most shop brought brands. I then fell in love with soap making!

Supplies: Makes 4 bars


Recipe is to make one bar at a time (due to the nature of melt & pour soap)

First, we will colour a small amount of clear soap with mica powder. The powder must be dissolved before adding to soap or else it will clump. To do this, spray some alcohol in a small paper cup (about ½ teaspoon). Stir in a pinch of your first mica powder, mix well.

Melt 30g of clear soap base. Pour into the cup of mica solution and stir well. For this effect, I suggest using less colour than you think you should. A blush of colour is what we’re going for this helps the colours to blend in the middle and make the fantastic ombre effect.

Now spray the inside of your mould with alcohol. Pour just enough coloured soap to coat the surface.

Next you need to tilt your mould and prop it up on something like a book. Tilt it just enough to cover one end of the mould in this first colour- let partially set- enough to be able to tilt the mould again.

Repeat this step with the next colour at the opposite end of the mould, blue & yellow work really well with this effect.

The coloured layer is so thin that you must be super careful that the white soap is not too hot. Next, melt the white soap base. Stir in 1ml of fragrance oil per bar of soap you are making. Allow to cool until thickened, spray the hardened soap in mould with alcohol, and top off the coloured layer with the white soap.

Allow soap to harden and unmould!

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