DIY Cleaners using Simple Ingredients

With the right supplies, you can efficiently clean your home and cars. The problem is that most of the people do not know how to get access to the proper cleaning supplies. Instead of just buying a cleaning solution from the shelf, it is possible to create your DIY cleaning solution. It will allow you to clean surfaces and objects more efficiently.

When it comes to DIY cleaning solutions, many people think that they are challenging to create, but that’s often not the case. Most of them use readily available household things. We will today share with you 4 DIY cleaners which use simple ingredients and are highly efficient when it comes to cleaning.

  1. Scented cleaner:

The first cleaner which we are speaking about uses a mix of white vinegar and water in equal parts. You can also add rosemary sprigs and lemon rind to it. Once you add all of these ingredients and mix them well, you can put it in a spray bottle. The solution can be used to clean smudges and stains. If you’re looking for a cleaning solution which can deal with stubborn stains, you can opt for this one.

  1. Kitchen cleaner:

If you’re looking for a solution precisely to clean the kitchen, you can mix four tablespoons of baking soda with the one Qt of warm water. You have to mix the solution well before using it. You can use it for cleaning the appliances and even the kitchen counter tops. You can use microfiber cloth or sponge along with it to clean any surface.

  1. Glass cleaner:

When it comes to cleaning cars especially to cleaning the glass, you can use a DIY cleaner rather than any chemical-based one.

You will need four ingredients to create a solution. These include:

The function of the essential oil is to add fragrance to the cleaning solution. You have to mix the solution pretty well and put it in a spray bottle. You have to ensure that when you spray this solution to the glass, the car is in the shade. If the windscreen of the car is in direct sunlight, the cleaner will evaporate quickly and will not be that effective. You can use a microfiber cloth along with it to clean the windscreen.

  1. Heavy duty scrubbing mixture:

The DIY cleaner which we are speaking about now is a scrubbing mixture rather than a liquid solution. You have to dip lemon in borax powder and rub the lemon on the surface. You will need half a lemon and half a cup of borax powder. It is suitable to remove the stains from the sink and even for removing the rust stains. If you’re looking for heavy-duty scrubbing mixture, you can consider this option. You should, however, avoid using it on marble or granite.


So, if you’re looking for DIY cleaners, you can opt for any of these options. They will help you in cleaning even the most stubborn and difficult stains quite easily. With the solutions above, you don’t need to rely on harsh chemicals to clean the various surfaces and appliances in your home. You have to use the day-to-day ingredients which are readily available in your home.

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