Natural Toilet Cleaner

Following on from last week’s post about DIY cleaners, we researched what is needed for a natural toilet cleaner. Using inspiration from the Soap Kitchen’s blog archives (click here for more info) I decided to use some of the ingredients detailed in those old articles to create a natural toilet cleaner.  You can use just about anything to mould these, I recycled some old ice cube trays that I no longer used (and made a mental note to only use these for toilet cleaner now!) so here’s another DIY make to add to your natural cleaners list!


130g Bicarbonate of soda

65g citric acid

65g borax

5ml of your chosen fragrance/essential oil


Medium size mixing bowl


Spray bottle with water

Silicone mould/ice cube tray.


  • Add all dry ingredients to the mixing bowl & mix thoroughly with the spatula.
  • If you are using fragrance/essential oils slowly add these now mixing well.
  • Spritz with water from spray bottle. Stir thoroughly after every spray, 5 to 7 sprays. Be careful to moisten just until the mixture barely holds together (Similar consistency to bath bomb mixture)

N.B Too much moisture activates the citric acid and baking soda, causing expansion.

  • Firmly pack mixture into moulds.  Allow to dry overnight. Carefully remove bombs from mould.
  • Place tablets in an airtight container.

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