COSMOS- what does it mean?

The Soap Kitchen is very proud that they are now COSMOS licensed by The Soil Association, but what does that actually mean?

COSMOS is the European standard for organic and natural products in cosmetics. The word COSMOS literally means COSMETIC Organic Standard. However, the use of the term organic is not currently regulated for cosmetics, meaning there’s no guarantee that products which say they are organic only contain ingredients which would meet strict organic standards.

In the UK we have long had The Soil Association checking and regulating organic standards, and now they are also the body responsible for upholding COSMOS standards in the UK, so wherever you see the COSMOS or Soil Association Logo, you are assured that the product displaying the logo meets the high standards required.

It is becoming more and more important that the foods we eat and the cosmetics we use are proven to be made from Natural and Organic Ingredients, but ensuring that the high standards we expect are actually proven is where COSMOS and The Soil Association come in.

So, what does this mean for our customer?

The Soap Kitchen has long stocked a wide range of Organic products, most of which have been certified by The Soil Association and therefore carry their logo.

COSMOS became the European standard some years ago and our customers will have likely seen several of our cosmetic and toiletry bases described as COSMOS Certified, but this certification comes from the manufacturer or supplier, not ourselves. Until now, the ‘chain’ of Organic status was broken during our re-packing process between receiving the products from the manufacturer and down sizing them to be sent to you the customer. The strict rules meant that only the company that held a COSMOS license could be approved to either manufacture or re-pack products maintaining the Organic status.

Now, with our COSMOS license, we have the ‘stamp of approval’ The Soap Kitchen keeps the link in the chain intact, so our customers are assured of the quality and genuine Organic status of all the products that we supply as Organic, COSMOS Certified or COSMOS Approved which now appear on our own Soil Association Trade Schedule and are clearly labelled as such on our website.

What makes a COSMOS organic product?

Organic certification is the gold standard for health and beauty.


– Animal testing
– GM ingredients
– Controversial chemicals
– Parabens and Phthalates
– Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances


– Sustainably sourced organic ingredients
– Using natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers
– Transparent manufacturing processes
– Biodegradable ingredients
– Minimal packaging with maximum recycled content
– Protecting wildlife and biodiversity

To simplify things we’ve written a few FAQ’s that will hopefully answer any questions you have on this:


Where can I find a list of all the organic products from the Soap Kitchen:

Our trading schedule lists all products that are organic & COSMOS approved or certified- click here for the trading schedule. 

Also look out for the COSMOS logo- this will be under the product description on our website of anything that is organic.

What is the difference between COSMOS approved & certified?

Certified – are manufactured products that meet COSMOS organic standards, these display a percentage of organic content.

Approved- ingredients that are not organic themselves, but are approved to be used within an organic finished product, such as our citric acid.

Where can I find a list of these APPROVED ingredients?

These will also be on our trading schedule and listed with the COSMOS logo underneath the product description.

If I buy organic products to use in my recipes can I now use the COSMOS symbol on my own finished products?

Only if you are also COSMOS registered. To find out more about how you can get a COSMOS license click here to be taken to the Soil Association website and check out their Organic Beauty & Wellbeing section.

I am COSMOS registered- what does this mean for me?

Now the Soap Kitchen is COSMOS registered, the chain is no longer broken when we down-pack, meaning these products remain in full COSMOS status when they arrive at your door.

For more information about COSMOS and the Soil Association go to their website:


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