Triangle Melt & Pour Soap

Make your own ocean inspired triangle melt and pour soap- another Marine themed creation for this week’s #makeitmonday. Sonia shows us how you can get creative with just a few melt and pour ingredients, some colours and some ingenuity with a soap mould!


200g  Zeni Clear Melt & Pour soap base
250g  Zeni White Melt & pour soap base 
10ml chosen fragrance (we used ocean blue fragrance)
½ tsp. Ground walnut shells

A mix of blue liquid colour (ci42090) & yellow liquid colour (ci19140) (5 parts BLC & 2 parts YLC)
Orange liquid colour (ci15985)

Isopropyl alcohol


Weighing Scales

(Microwave safe) jugs

Measuring spoons

Small bowl

Mixing spoon

Triangle shaped mould


  • To create the triangle shape, score and fold a piece of thick plastic and place it inside a loaf tin mould. If using this approach, ensure that the ends are sealed to prevent melted soap from leaking into the loaf mould. Any triangle shaped object which can be lined with silicone paper can be used- for instance a large Toblerone box would be ideal (but beware the box needs to be empty first!)
  • Prepare the soap in 2 jugs and melt in a microwave: A small amount of white soap base (for the top point of the mould) in one and all the clear soap base in the other jug. Pour the white soap base into the mould and let it cool slightly and spray with Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Mix half the fragrance into the melted clear base, and pour approximately half of it on top of the white in the mould, and let this cool slightly.
  • Mix a small amount of blue and yellow liquid colour into the remaining clear melted base (use as much colour as desired) spray the soap in the mould again with Isopropyl alcohol and pour the turquoise soap mixture into the mould.
  • As the soap starts to cool, manipulate the mixture with the back of a spoon to give an uneven surface, then sprinkle some ground walnut shell on top.
  • Next melt the remaining white soap and mix in the reaming fragrance and colour it using a few drops of orange liquid colour, spray the soap in the mould again with Isopropyl alcohol and pour the orange soap mixture into the mould.
  • Leave to cool completely then un-mould and cut.

We have estimated measurements as this was an experiment, use as little or as much soap base for each layer, create what works best for your desired design. 

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