Wave Melt & Pour Soap

This week’s #makeitmonday we’re showcasing our new Wave & Splash mould designs. As part of our Marine Campaign we’ve produced four fantastic different designs exploring the organic shapes created by the sea in all its awesome forms; the curve & depth of a barrelling wave, the droplets created by a big splash, and the gentle ripples formed by the constant undulating swell.

These soap moulds are perfect for creating your own melt & pour soaps. This is often perceived as the easiest way to get into soap making, so this a great one for beginners!

Step 1- Pick your soap base

We have a large range of different soap bases to choose from, with various different brands available, we’ve listed the ones we stock, their choices and who they may be more suited towards.


This is a UK premium brand with the largest range of bases- from aloe vera, carrot & cucumber, goat or donkey milk and SLS & SLES free options- Crystal has something to suit all needs.


Has a limited number of core bases- keeping it simple and keeping the costs down, this choice is great for those on a budget.


A premium brand from the makers of ZeniColor- these bases are great for non-bleed colours, layering and their new ‘Swirl’ suspends exfoliates brilliantly throughout.


UK brand with new improved quality for a select few bases.

Step 2- Pick your soap Mould

We’ve got an unrivalled selection of re-usable soap moulds- all designed and made in-house. For this #makeitmonday we’ve used our new Wave & Splash mould. For our full range of soap mould design click here

Step 3- Pick your Colour

Now is the fun part, pick your colours. With melt & pour, once you get the technique sorted, you can really experiment with layering colours, creating an ombre or just keeping it simple and let the soap design do all the talking!

For more information on what specific colours work in melt & pour soap click here

Step 4- Pick your fragrance

Melt & Pour soaps can take up to 2% fragrance or essential oil in a recipe, so 20ml can be added to 1kg soap.


  • Measure how much soap base is needed- fill your moulds with water whilst on the scales and weigh out the same ( a little more to be on the safe side) of the soap base
  • Cut the base into small chunks & melt in blasts of 30 secs in a heatproof bowl in the microwave or on the hob on a double boiler.
  • Stir until all soap chunks have melted (be careful not to over heat- do small bursts or take off the heat when a few small chunks are left and stir until dissolved)
  • Add any fragrance or essential oils
  • Add colour (if using powders mix with a little oil or glycerine to create a paste) & mix until evenly combined
  • Pour into the mould- spray with alcohol to remove any surface bubbles
  • Allow to completely cool before releasing the soap from the mould

N.B If you are attempting coloured layers or more complex designs, the beauty of melt and pour means you can re-heat the mixture as you go- no need to rush!

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