A Clean Conscious- be part of the solution to plastic pollution

We are the solution to plastic pollution’ a poignant placard from last year’s World Oceans Day and a clear message being echoed worldwide, an individual’s actions really can make a difference, just look at the inspirational Greta Thunberg and the magnificent Sir David Attenborough. So, what can we do?

Here at the Soap Kitchen, we offer the ingredients and knowledge to hand make your own skincare & cosmetic products. We’ve put together a quick-fire guide to reduce plastic in the bathroom.

Make your Own toiletries

We have a whole library of easy to follow recipes, updated weekly via our online soapmaking blog. Some recent favourites include a natural body butter and a customisable solid perfume, both using only four ingredients. For full recipes visit the blog: www.soapmakingmamagaizne.co.uk

Soap bars

If you haven’t made soap before, why not try using a simple melt & pour method. We stock a large collection of soap bases including; Aloe Vera, carrot & cucumber, and even donkey milk bases. Simply cut the base into chunks, melt, stir in any fragrance or colour (or keep it natural) then pour into a re-usable mould and leave to cool.

In celebration of World Ocean’s Day on June 8th, we’ll be releasing new soap mould designs inspired by the ocean, especially the inhabitants of this wonderful yet fragile big blue world.

Natural Exfoliants

Micro plastics are one of the oceans biggest problems, as of last year the UK government banned all micro plastics within the cosmetic industry- Fantastic! So here are our top 3 natural microbead alternatives that can be used in all skincare products without harming our underwater friends.

1: Coffee seed powder– not only does it smell gorgeous; the natural caffeine does wonders for your skin- this is for a gentler exfoliation.

2: Sea salt- Himalayan, Coarse or Dead-great for use in bath salts & body scrubs- the Himalayan & Dead offering high mineral content (similar to those that are present in the human body!)

3: Ground pumice stone– with no scent it won’t distract from other fragrances. It offers a stronger exfoliation than seeds/shells- leaves skin feeling soft & velvety.

The use of dried botanicals as a natural exfoliant is also becoming popular, why not try poppy seeds, oatmeal or even dried bladderwrack (seaweed).

Bulk Buy

Can’t live without shower gel or liquid soap, why not buy in bulk? Ultimately save money and reduce waste. Just wash and re-use existing containers. We sell a range of toiletry bases, including a natural clear shower gel base, (MIT & paraben free) simply add fragrance (or keep it natural) and decant into smaller reusable bottles- top up when needed!

Reed Diffuser

Finally, switch those nasty plastic air fresheners for an eco- friendly reed diffuser, customisable with your favourite scent in a reusable & recyclable glass bottle. For a full recipe click here.

We’ve showcased a few simple changes that can be made in your bathroom and lifestyle, why not give them a try. All ingredients and information available at www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Look out for it in the recent issues of Mollie Makes and In The Moment magazines.

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