Ingredient Origin Stories

Today is World Environment Day- and what better way to celebrate than sharing some brilliant stories about the origins of some of our natural ingredients from around the world.

Naturally derived, eco-friendly, sustainable: these ‘buzz’ words can so easily be thrown around in the cosmetics industry and used to promote something that isn’t necessarily true, so how do we avoid this? By finding out exactly where our ingredients come from.

Here at the Soap Kitchen, we take pride in supplying our customers with the best ingredients available on the market. We work with a supplier who searches the world for more responsibly sourced natural ingredients and buys them directly from the farmers and growers. Taking particular interest in those who work closely with local community projects.

Ghanaian Shea Butter (unrefined & organic)

The women’s cooperative in Accra Northern Ghana employs over 600 women to collect and produce the Organic Shea Butter and African Black Soap.

This supports a community of over 1400 people, whilst also providing funding for; building more wells, giving communities access to clean water supplies, improving health care and school facilities and ultimately investing in their business, to generally improve their working conditions so they can expand the volume they can produce and employ even more women in the project.

Jojoba Oil (& Organic Jojoba Oil)

Origin- Israel

As a cooperative settlement (Kibbutz) the project is owned by the local desert community. They are working to reclaim their land back from the barren sand by creating a green oasis of Jojoba plants.

All the power is generated by solar and refuse energy, rain water is collected and used for irrigation on the farm. All the proceeds of the sale Jojoba oil go back into the community.

Helichrysum Oil

Origin- Bosnia & Herzegovenia

A small family run farm in the South East of Bosnia close to the borders with Croatia and Montenegro, the farm has been in the family for 5 generations and they have been growing and distilling essential oils for over 100 years.

Due to the climate which is similar to the UK, but with more annual sunshine, there is an abundance of life and a lot of the Country is covered in Pine forest.

All these plants grow wild around the farm, the entire farm is certified as Organic as no pesticide or herbicides have ever been used and are not needed as these plants are self seeding and have adapted to survive without any human intervention.

The plant material is harvested sustainably, leaving most of the plant to regrow and reproduce for the next harvest, this is simply steam distilled in a traditional unit, the design of which hasn’t changed since the family started producing the essential oils 100 years ago.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading these origin stories and next time you buy an ingredient, maybe see if you can find out where it comes from, is it sustainable, is it local or fair-trade?

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