Triple Layer Chocolate Orange Cold Process Soap

On Sunday 7th July 2019 it is a day to indulge in your favourite chocolate, hugely popular all over the world chocolate comes in many flavours and a variety of appearances. To celebrate, although not edible, we have created a three layer chocolate orange inspired soap. Which I must admit smells amazing!

This soap recipe is for a cold process soap, if you have not made a cold process soap before please take a look at our basic cold process soap recipe and instructions.

You will need:

  • Two good sized stainless steel or enameled saucepans.
  • 4 small jugs and 1 large jug
  • A heat-proof glass measuring jug or plastic jug able to withstand boiling water.
  • Accurate kitchen scales.
  • A balloon whisk & 3 rubber spatulas, or similar.
  • A mould to pour the liquid soap into whilst it sets.
  • Eye and hand protection (safety glasses and rubber gloves).
  • A blanket or large towel.


How To Make:

  • STEP ONE: Add a small amount of cocoa powder into a small container and mix with a small amount of water to make a paste and set this aside.  
  • STEP TWO: Create your Lye, and suspend it in your prepared cold-water bath, I hang the jug handle over the side of the bowl.
  • STEP THREE: While your lye cools, measure out the cocoa butter, palm oil & coconut oil into your saucepan and gently melt it on the stove. Don’t overheat it, just melt it. When there are tiny pieces of solid oil still left to melt, remove from the heat and leave until completely liquid. If adding grapefruit seed extract, add it to the saucepan now.
  • STEP FOUR: Once the lye has cooled and is roughly the same temperature as the melted oil, slowly and carefully pour the lye into the oils, start stirring with a balloon whisk to ensure the mixture all starts to chemically react and combine.
  • STEP FIVE: You should stir the mixture fairly briskly, and you will notice the solution start to turn more opaque and as the minutes pass it will start to thicken.
  • STEP SIX: Once you reach a very light trace, divide your mixture equally into 2 small separate jugs.  Into one mixture add 10ml of the fragrance, and approx 10 drops of annatto for colour, and pour about a third of the mixture into your mould.
  • STEP SEVEN: To the second jug add the remaining 10ml of the fragrance and some of the cocoa paste until you obtain your required colour.  Once the bottom layer of soap has begun to firm up add the grated orange soap into the mould and gently cover with the cocoa coloured soap, using approx a third of the mixture.
  • STEP EIGHT: With the remaining mixtures, take the large jug and tilt it, pour a small amount of the uncoloured soap into the jug.  Next pour an equal amount of the cocoa mixture into the jug.  Continue to pour small amounts into the jug, alternating between the uncoloured and cocoa coloured soap until there is no soap mixture left. This creates a stripey, layered mixture. Then pour this into your mould, it will blend the two mixtures just enough to create the desired marble effect.  We created small peaks on our soap, sprinkled with grated orange soap and dusted with cocoa powder.  We also wrapped our soap in towels so that the soap gelled.

2 thoughts on “Triple Layer Chocolate Orange Cold Process Soap

  1. I am very new to CP soap making, but reading through these instructions, No. 8 makes no sense at all. Why is everything being poured into the jug and not into the mould? Thanks

    1. Hello,

      This is to create a layered/marble effect. Pouring it into the jug one colour at a time, layers the soap, like a striped pattern. Then pouring it from the jug into the mould blends it again, just enough to create the desired marble effect. I will reword that step as I do agree it is a bit confusing.

      Kind regards,


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