#MakeItMonday- Hangover Bath Tea Bags

I’m going to be honest with you guys, my age is catching up to me a bit and I can’t drink like before. Even though New Years Eve was over a week ago I still don’t feel caught up from my lack of sleep! This week’s make is super simple but hopefully will detox my […]

Finished Bath Salts

#MakeItMonday – Winter Snow Bath Salts

This week’s #MakeItMonday is a simple recipe for some Winter Snow Bath Salts. These make a great gift, especially at this time of year because they look so much like salts! Adding salts to your bath softens the water, adds some great detoxifying minerals and a great fragrance to your tub! You can use any […]

Autumn Bubble Bars on Tray

#MakeItMonday – Autumn Bubble Bars

Yay! Autumn is here and it’s by far my favourite Season. The sun is still shining but, the weather is a lot cooler and dog walks become a lot more pleasurable when there are freshly fallen crispy leaves to walk through. It also means it’s time to pack away the  summer clothes and out with […]