Finished Healing Salve

#MakeItMonday- Healing Salve For Chapped Skin

I always get to this time of year and feel like Winter is over when in reality we are smack bang in the middle of it! This is a quick and easy make to help with through the rest of the season by combating chapped skin. A brilliant make for those cold weather dog walkers, […]

#Make It Monday- Gentle Dispersing Face Scrub/Mask by Juliette Goggin & Abi Righton

This week’s #MakeItMonday is very special and comes from Handmade Beauty, natural recipes for your face, body and hair, and is written by Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton. The recipe and images have come straight from the book which hosts a whole collection of brilliant recipes for anyone looking to get into handmade beauty. Face […]


Luxury Moisturiser

Vitamin C is often found in commercially available anti-aging creams and moisturisers. Vitamin C is actually an anti-oxidant,so when used in moisturisers is meant to help to stop damage from UV and free radicals. It also reputedly offers some small amount of UV protection, however I would not like to rely on this as a […]

Exotic Body Lotion Recipe

This free downloadable recipe calculator converts the percentages below into any batch size (grams):- Exotic Body Lotion Recipe WATER PHASE 73.45% deionised/purified water 3% glycerine 1% phenoxyethanol EHG 0.3% dissolvine GL  OIL PHASE 0.2% xanthan gum (although xanthan is water soluble, putting it in the oil phase prevents clumping) 1% st john’s wort extract […]

Body Butter

Body Butters Recipe

A body butter is a solid vegetable butter that is combined with a liquid oil, such as olive or sweet almond, to make a soft mixture. Body butters are rich, emollient and easily applied to your skin. If you wish to cut down on the oiliness of your butter you can add a little cornflour […]

Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove Body Scrub Recipe

A great body scrub for toning, detoxing and for helping diminish cellulite. Epsom salts draw out toxins from the skin, while lemon and grapefruit are known for their revitalizing and stimulating properties.     Ingredients 83⁄4oz (250g) Epsom salts 3½oz (100g) sweet almond oil (weighed) 20 drops (1ml) lemon essential oil 20 drops (1ml) grapefruit […]