Finished Healing Salve

#MakeItMonday- Healing Salve For Chapped Skin

I always get to this time of year and feel like Winter is over when in reality we are smack bang in the middle of it! This is a quick and easy make to help with through the rest of the season by combating chapped skin. A brilliant make for those cold weather dog walkers, […]

#MakeItMonday- Hangover Bath Tea Bags

I’m going to be honest with you guys, my age is catching up to me a bit and I can’t drink like before. Even though New Years Eve was over a week ago I still don’t feel caught up from my lack of sleep! This week’s make is super simple but hopefully will detox my […]

#MakeItMonday- Diamond Pastel Bath Bombs

Another #MakeItMonday, and another year! I hope everyone has come into 2018 happy and healthy, and ready to create! We already have some brilliant makes lined up for you this year, and the first make of each month is going to be the key product from our advertising campaigns. We are kicking off the year […]

#MakeItMonday- Pillow Box Packaging

This week instead of a cosmetic make we wanted to share this packaging hack! A great way to wrap single small bath bombs, or small soaps, or anything else you may be gifting! These improvised pillow boxes look brilliant and don’t have to cost a penny! What You Need: Empty toilet roll tubes Spare wrapping […]

#MakeItMonday- Bio-Glitter Baubles

Although sweets and chocolates are often lovely takeaways from your family Christmas Tree it’s not the healthiest of options. This week’s Make It Monday are these fabulous Eco-friendly Bio-Glitter baubles! Great takeaways from your tree for all of the family and a nice and easy make! What You’ll Need: A Pipette per colour (Avaliable Here) […]

#MakeItMonday- Santa’s Beard Oil

Now, it doesn’t seem fair that I leave Rudolph a relaxing bath bomb and don’t leave anything for Santa! So today, we are going to make a beard oil for Santa Claus, after all his beard must get cold whilst he whizzes around in the North Pole! This is a simple make, and you can […]

Finished Bath Salts

#MakeItMonday – Winter Snow Bath Salts

This week’s #MakeItMonday is a simple recipe for some Winter Snow Bath Salts. These make a great gift, especially at this time of year because they look so much like salts! Adding salts to your bath softens the water, adds some great detoxifying minerals and a great fragrance to your tub! You can use any […]

#MakeItMonday – Carrot for Rudolph Bath Bombs

It’s Christmas Eve night and you’re placing a glass of milk and a mince pie by the fireplace for Santa, and of course a carrot for Rudolph. Why not spruce up your carrot this year and make this brilliant Carrot Bath Bomb ready for Rudolph to take a long hot bath when he gets home […]

#MakeItMonday- Christmas Cinnamon Pot Pourri

This week I wanted to make something to festive-up the creative suite in a few weeks and try a dry pot pourri recipe! Filled with christmassy smells and botanicals this one is sure to get everyone feeling as festive as me! What you’ll need: An Airtight Container (We used this plastic tub) A plastic/glass bowl […]

#MakeItMonday- Iced Wintermint Lip Balm For Chapped Winter Lips

As the Winter draws in it’s important to take good care of your skin! Leaving it exposed to the elements can cause it to dry out, especially your lips! Not only is this super simple lip balm recipe great for chapped lips, the iced wintermint flavour and packaging makes it a great looking gift! Things […]