Triangle Melt & Pour Soap

Make your own ocean inspired triangle melt and pour soap- another Marine themed creation for this week’s #makeitmonday. Sonia shows us how you can get creative with just a few […]

Soothing Seaweed Mask

Continuing our Marine themed campaign this Spring, we’re exploring the treasures our ocean’s hold and how we can utilise these wonderful ingredients within the cosmetic industry. This week we have […]

Seascape Melt & Pour Soap

  Continuing our marine theme, I decided to take the plunge and try to create my own version of a seascape soap.  Using lots of jugs; a lot of patience […]

Cleansing Seaweed & Sea Salt Soap

This beautiful ocean blue soap comprises of skin softening seaweed and stimulating sea salt, a gentle scrub with this soap will leave you feeling refreshed and revived. Because bladderwrack grows […]

Lavender Calm Balm

Many of us find getting a good nights sleep a struggle. There are lots of essential oil blends that can help aid sleep or just help to relax and calm […]

Zesty Lemon & Poppy Seed Melt & Pour

Lemon and poppy seeds are a classic combination, the refreshing smell of lemon is great to wake you up and the poppy seeds provide a gentle exfolient to remove dead […]

Tilted Layer Soap- By Jana & Eugene

This week’s #makeitmonday is from husband & wife team Jana & Eugene. Me and my husband Eugene live in London and started making soap about a year ago. We were inspired […]

Carrot & Shea Butter Soap

This is a great simple recipe, using a mix of melt and pour soap bases, perfect if you want to make a soap that has lots of lovely additives, easily with […]

Solid Perfume

It’s great to see that a continuing trend for 2019 is reducing packaging and it seems that some of the big perfume powerhouses are getting in on the action too. […]

Rose Water & Egg White Soap

Hello! My name is April and I love making cold process soap. I suspect that it may actually even be a part of my DNA! I am from Port Sunlight, […]