The Power Of Thinking- Lettie Pringle

This article has been kindly contributed by Lettie Pringle a Scottish expert in soap making from Bubble Trouble Soap. Like many soapers Bubble Trouble is a part time business that we run in the evenings, weekends and any other spare time we get, through the week I work. An important part of running a soap […]

A Guide To Pigments, Micas, Coloured Clays and Powdered Dyes.

Colour is a brilliant way to give your products your own flair, and to really personalise your makes. But, with so many options for powdered colours it can be hard to know which one is the best for your needs. In this blog we will break down the basics of the differences between the different […]

10 uses for Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol, as it is commonly known, has many uses. For the soap maker it is most useful when spritzing your newly poured melt and pour soaps to remove surface bubbles, but it is also a powerful solvent with many useful applications. It evaporates quickly, leaving near zero traces and is relatively safe, compared […]

Fayre or Market Stall

10 Tips for Running a Fayre or Market Stall

There is a lovely sense of community and a buzz of activity when you go to a fayre or market and look around at everyone’s wares on display. There is always a chance that you could find something suitable for yourself or a family member. If you make and sell soap and toiletry products then […]

Social Media Tips

The Top 5 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

Social media is a brilliant way to connect with your customer base and the internet community free of charge, but it changes and adapts so quickly it’s hard to know where to start. It can literally bring the whole world to your store front, if only you use it well. Here are five tips on […]

Letter to younger self

A Letter to my Younger Self

When I was asked about doing this article it really set me thinking. Like many of us, especially those who are business owners or aspiring business owners, I’ve long had a strong sense of self-belief, which I guess is essential if your goal in life is to be ‘your own boss’, but looking back there […]

Diary of a Maker - August - Lavender Towel

Diary of a Maker – August – Sarah Harper

Product Photography As a small business starting out you tend to have time but not much money so you need to find ways to economise but not compromise. Photography is vitally important for any retail business and many small businesses are not able to hire a professional photographer to take good quality hi-res images. If […]

Fantasy moulds

Soap and Toiletry Making Fun for the Holidays

It’s hard to keep coming up with new and original activities to entertain your little ones over the Summer, especially when the rain persists like it has this year! The Soap Kitchen has a whole host of easy and fun options that are not only brilliant activities but will get your little ones excited about […]