The Basics of Product Photography.

Good Morning, Creators. My names Joseph Davis and I’m the product photographer and promotions assistant for the Soap Kitchen. My role is to photograph, edit and produce images not only for the website and social media but for magazines such as Mollie Makes, Natural Health, Reloved and Craft’s Beautiful. Today I will run through the […]

Soap mould design and production at The Soap Kitchen

Colin Fox explains how soap moulds are designed and produced at The Soap Kitchen It is not widely known that all of the soap moulds sold by The Soap Kitchen are designed and produced on site here in Devon. I produce two types of moulds: silicone rubber and vacuum formed-plastic. Both types of moulds produce […]


Plastic mould design and production at The Soap Kitchen

Meet Colin Fox the mould designer (aka Clive) In this article Colin talks us through and describes the way vacuum-formed moulds are designed and produced for sale at The Soap Kitchen. These moulds are suitable for melt-and-pour soap production. Our “in-house” mould designs, are identified by a number of influences: these can be current and future […]

Soap Daze Canva Label

Introducing Canva for Soap Label designs

Canva is a free and fairly straightforward to use graphic design app that you can use in a browser on your computer. I used it to re-design all my labels. My soap packaging pre-Canva was very complicated, involving way too many different wraps and ribbons. I had a good cull/overhaul to make things simpler. Having […]