A Guide To Flowers And What They Mean.

With Valentines Day coming up anticipation is in the air. By far one of the most given gifts on Valentines Day, but do you know exactly what your flowers means, exactly what your bouquets are saying? In this post we are going to go through some of our flowers, and share a bit history and […]

#MakeItMonday- Piña Colada Body Butter

This month’s ‘Make Of The Month’ is a revisited recipe, this brilliant Piña Colada Body Butter! A great recipe to make me start wishing for Summer more and more each day, and in all honesty it just smells DIVINE. As usual, this is a simple make, but I think it’s brilliant and last time we […]

Soap mould design and production at The Soap Kitchen

Colin Fox explains how soap moulds are designed and produced at The Soap Kitchen It is not widely known that all of the soap moulds sold by The Soap Kitchen are designed and produced on site here in Devon. I produce two types of moulds: silicone rubber and vacuum formed-plastic. Both types of moulds produce […]

#MakeItMonday- Tea Tree & Sea Weed Rejuvenating Facial Mask.

It’s not even one month into the year and I’ve already lost track of all of my resolutions (although I’m sure I’m not the only one!) One of my resolutions this year was to pay more attention to my skin care routine, meaning actually start a skin care routine, so to try and re-inspire myself […]

What’s In Our Kitchen?

The Soap Kitchen name is well-known throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, known for its high quality ingredients but we also make our own products too. Our products are made from our own unique recipes, they are handmade, hand poured, packaged and labelled by hand in house too. Today, our chief manufacturer, Jo is going […]

#MakeItMonday- Ice Cream Bath Melts Throwback

It may still be cold and we may be in the cold depths on Winter but I want ice cream so badly I HAD to throw it back to this make this week. These Bath Melts smell fabulous, and look just as fabulous! You Will Need:   A large mixing bowl Kitchen scales/or cup measures […]

A Guide To Cosmetic Glitters, Bio-Glitters, Lustres and Jewels.

We all want to add a bit of shine to our makes, and what better way to do that than with a bit of glitter? In this blog we will go through the difference between the cosmetic glitters we stock, and talk about how to get the shimmer you are looking for! Cosmetic Glitters/Poly-Glitters Cosmetic […]

Finished Healing Salve

#MakeItMonday- Healing Salve For Chapped Skin

I always get to this time of year and feel like Winter is over when in reality we are smack bang in the middle of it! This is a quick and easy make to help with through the rest of the season by combating chapped skin. A brilliant make for those cold weather dog walkers, […]

The Power Of Thinking- Lettie Pringle

This article has been kindly contributed by Lettie Pringle a Scottish expert in soap making from Bubble Trouble Soap. Like many soapers Bubble Trouble is a part time business that we run in the evenings, weekends and any other spare time we get, through the week I work. An important part of running a soap […]