Ingredient Origin Stories

Today is World Environment Day- and what better way to celebrate than sharing some brilliant stories about the origins of some of our natural ingredients from around the world. Naturally […]

Tropical Foaming Body Scrubs

A mild and creamy body scrub with Papaya seed oil, fine exfoliating dendritic salt and fruit powders. Made with OPC foaming bath butter, a mild and moisturising formulation that is […]

Hand knitted face cloth

This week we hear from our Director Lesley, who has been busy creating some knitted face cloths. I think it is great to personalise a handmade toiletry gift. This shows […]

Natural Deodorant

More and more people are wanting to know exactly what is in their cosmetics, especially leave on skincare products such as deodorants, so it is hardly surprising that homemade natural […]

Wave Melt & Pour Soap

This week’s #makeitmonday we’re showcasing our new Wave & Splash mould designs. As part of our Marine Campaign we’ve produced four fantastic different designs exploring the organic shapes created by […]

Bubble & Blake- Interview with a Maker

Hello, firstly tell us a bit about yourself… Hi! I’m Angela. I am originally from Spain but I have been living in England for nearly ten years. I live in […]

Mermaid Sea Salt Spray

Create your own texturising sea salt spray to effortlessly achieve that ocean kissed, wavy, mermaid style hair – no one needs know that you haven’t been on the beach all […]

Keep compliant with your cosmetic products!

Our friends at Cosmetic Label Review Services Ltd, have recently informed us that there is an upcoming fragrance ingredient ban that could possibly affect our customers and their products. Fragrance […]