Black Rose Bath Bombs

Black Rose Bath BombsIngredients:

For these we have used our basic bath bomb recipe, which can be found here:

For the colour we used the black coated mica. For scent we have used the brilliantly fragrant ‘Black Plum and Rhubarb’ which is now an office favourite AND is discounted until the 31st of July 2017.

In order to embed the dried rose petals, we simply placed a small handful of flowers in one side of the mould. Then, as we added the mixture it packed around them, they embed into your bomb, it’s that simple!

These black bath bombs are bang on trend right now, and the added rose petals contrast the colour brilliantly, and add a bit more decadence to the bomb! These are a brilliant way to get teenagers into bath bomb making, or age old rockers alike!

As always, with the recipe all ingredients are available in our online store, for you to try at home!