Cup Cake Soap

cupcake1Cake soaps are some of the best examples of creative soap making. The finished results can be quite stunning and can easily be tailored to different occasions, seasons, or simply made to mimic the real thing in virtually any style. For the purpose of this recipe we have created a ‘Coffee Cupcake’ Soap, but you can easily adapt this recipe to all manner of colours and fragrances. It really is not that difficult to master these techniques. The main point to always remember is that to avoid colours bleeding into each other, care should be taken to use the correct combination of dyes and pigments if layering or embeding.

cupcake2Equipment you’ll need…

  • Kitchen scales
  • Small-medium saucepan
  • Kitchen knife and spoon
  • Gas or Electric hob
  • Silicone ‘Cupcake’ moulds
  • Silicone or Plastic moulds for decorations
  • Hand sprayer
  • Measuring spoons
  • Electric Whisk
  • Piping bag & nozzle
  • Ball point pen or similar stick-type object.


These quantities will make approximately 10 ‘medium’ sized cup cake soaps.

  1. White Soap base 500g
  2. Clear Soap Base 100g
  3. Foaming Bath Butter 350g
  4. Colour: Caramel Powder 5% by weight in water (makes brown liquid dye) just a few drops as required
  5. Soap Fragrances, Coffee 10ml and optional Vanilla 5ml if fragrancing the topping
  6. Witch hazel (you may use denatured alcohol if you have a license to obtain it) in hand sprayer



Step 11_moulds
Before you start, choose which shape/s of cupcake mould you need and what decorative moulds you’re going with. To make these cakes as shown you need both round and square individual silicone cupcake moulds and ‘shell’ shaped plastic soap moulds, plus a silicone (or non-stick) sheet/tray to make other decorations as shown.
Step 23_Melt_White_Base
Cut 500g of white soap base into small chunks and melt gently in a suitable heavy-bottomed saucepan as shown.
Step 35_Add _fragrance
Once completely melted, add 10ml of Coffee fragrance and stir thoroughly.
Step 47_add_colour
Next add a few drops of colour until the right shade is achieved. Dropping into a spoon first will avoid over-colouring.
Step 58_soap&colour
You should end up with a light-brown even colour as shown.
Step 69_pouring_in_moulds
Pour most of the coloured/fragranced soap into your cupcake moulds and leave to cool. To minimise surface bubbles spritz with witch hazel or denatured alcohol. Reserve a little of this soap for use as decorations, so you may now also pour a little into the ‘shell’ moulds and leave to set.
Step 710_melt_clear_soap
Meanwhile… gently melt 100g of clear soap base over a low heat.
Step 812_add_colour_2
Once completely melted add a few drops of the brown liquid soap dye and stir thoroughly until the right shade is achieved.
Step 913_pour_clear_1
Then… in addition to the shell shapes already prepared, pour a few more in clear soap base, plus…
Step 1014_pour_clear_2
… also pour some of the coloured clear soap base onto a flat sheet (silicone sheet shown) and leave to cool until set but Still Warm. These can be hand cut and twisted into the shapes for more decorations.
Step 1115_melt_foambathbutter_1
Meanwhile, melt 350g of Foaming Bath Butter over a low heat. Once melted you may choose to add 5ml of Vanilla (non-discolouring) fragrance, which is optional.
Step 1218_whisk_foambathbutter_2
Once melted and fragranced (optional), take off the heat and whisk briskly with an electric hand-held whisk as shown.
Step 1319_finished_foambathbutter
After a short while you should end up with a mouse-like consistency, as above.
Step 1423_pipe_bathbutter
Remove your ‘cakes’ from their moulds. Fill a piping bag (with suitable nozzle) with the whipped foaming bath butter and pipe the mixture onto the cake bases. Leave to one side.
Step 1524_whipped_cream
You should end up with your cakes looking like this.
Step 16cupcake1
Now you can prepare and add your decorations from the shells and hand cut shapes to make the finished cup cakes.

As an alternative to using a ‘soft’ icing for your cup cake, we have a simple ‘whipped cream’ mould available which will make a solid topping using regular melt and pour soap. This method is more durable for packaging and shipping etc. and will keep looking good for longer.

Remember… If you’re intending to sell your soaps, make sure you label them with a warning as being SOAP, NOT FOOD, to avoid any problems with the 1989 food imitation act, which is meant to protect the unsuspecting public from eating something which is not intended for consumption.

The CUP CAKE SOAP RECIPE PACK is available in our on-line catalogue.