Dragon Egg Bath Bomb!

Are you a true GOT fan like me? Well send a raven to all your fellow faithful fans and let’s turn Game of Thrones in to #gameoffoam. Move over Daenerys, there is going to be more than one Mother of Dragons around here.



A large mixing bowl

Kitchen Scales

A hand sprayer containing clean cold water

NEW Dragon Egg Mould

A teaspoon to measure colour powder



300g Bicarbonate of Soda

100g Citric Acid

10ml Fragrance oil or Essential Oil



Tangerine Red Coated Mica

Bronze Mica

Gold Mica

Tiny Toy Dragon


Step 1

Like all our bath bomb recipes, start by measuring out the bicarbonate of soda and the citric acid into the mixing bowl. Sieve if necessary and thoroughly mix together until you have a consistent texture. Add fragrance if you wish and make sure this is also thoroughly mixed in.

Step 2

Using a teaspoon, measure out a ¼ teaspoon of Tangerine Red colour and drop this in to your mixture. If this amount isn’t enough to achieve the colour you want, just keep adding a little at a time and make sure you’re consistently mixing it in. For my bath bomb, I used a whole teaspoon.


Step 3

Using the hand sprayer, a little at a time and working the mixture all the time, spray a little water on it with the hand sprayer. Make sure you mix continuously to avoid it fizzing-up in the bowl and ONLY ADD ENOUGH WATER TO HAVE THE MIXTURE START TO HOLD TOGETHER WHEN LIGHTLY SQUEEZED IN YOUR HAND.

Step 4

Now you have your mixture at the ready, grab the dragon egg mould.  Before I fill both halves of the mould, to make the bath bomb look more fantasy like, I’m going to drop in some bronze or gold coloured powder in to each half. You could cover a small area of the mould, create a jagged line from top to bottom or just sprinkle a little in. For my bath bomb, I’m going to sprinkle a little bit of gold in. I’m then going to add some of my bath bomb mixture but not fill it completely. Before I fill it, I’m going to drop some bronze colour in to the mould. This will show through the bath bomb when you press both halves together.

Step 5

Fill the rest of the mould with your mixture just proud of the surface as usual and leave just enough room to add in your surprise baby dragon!

Step 6

Press together for a few moments and leave to dry.