Emoji Soap!

Today’s make it Monday we made Emoji Soap! Perfect for you and your kids to make over the summer holidays and good timing as the film just came out!


White Melt & Pour Soap Base

Crystal Ultra Clear Vanilla Stable Melt and Pour Soap

Blue liquid colour

Water Soluble Paper

Isopropyl Alcohol in a hand spray bottle


  1. First make your designs on a computer and print them out onto Water soluble paper (Make sure to make them slightly smaller than your mould so the soap bases can fuse together.
  2. Chop up the Ultra Clear Soap Base and White Soap Base into smalls squares and put them into separate jugs.
  3. Gradually heat the soap bases ensuring that it melts evenly and does not boil and burn. If using a microwave check after 30 second blasts until completely melted.
  4. Add a drop of liquid blue colour to the ultra-clear soap base as it makes it look more glass like. You can add any fragrance/essential oil to the white soap base.
  5. First pour the white soap base in  to the mould and give it a spray with alcohol if there are any bubbles. Wait for a few minutes for a skin to form on top of the base, this ensures that that the two bases don’t mix and that the paper won’t dissolve.
  6. Put your design on top facing up and make sure it’s flat as you wouldn’t want any air bubbles.
  7. Gently pour the clear base on top, give it another spritz with the alcohol to get rid of any bubbles and leave in the fridge until set.