Fizzing Bath Melts


  1. A saucepan
  2. A mixing bowl
  3. An ice cube tray or suitable small moulds.
  4. Kitchen scales




Step 1melt_cocoa_butter 1
Gently melt the cocoa butter over a low heat.
Step 2add_almond_oil 2
Remove from heat, add the sweet almond oil and leave to cool (It should cool until only just warm).
Step 3 add_fragrance_oil 3
Add fragrance as required (the equivalent of a few drops of essential or fragrance oil per fizzin’ melt is sufficeint.
Step 4add_fragrance_oil 3
Colour can be added a little at a time and stirred/whisked (hand whisk) to achieve enough depth.
Step 5whisk_colour 5
Remember, once set solid the background colour of the cocoa butter will be opaque off-white). If you are using ultramarines or oxides to colour, be sure the mixture is fairly cool before adding them, or they will not disperse and colour the mixture.
Step 6mix_fizzing_ingredients 6
Whilst the cocoa butter is cooling, mix the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together in the bowl, ensuring there are no lumps. You can seive it if it helps.
Step 7add_fizzing_ingredients 7
Once the cocoa butter has cooled but is still completely liquid, add the citric acid/bicarbonate of soda mixture.
Step 8stir_fizzing_ingredients 8
Stir thoroughly (if it starts fizzing and expanding the cocoa butter is too hot, so try a little first).
Step 9spoon_into_tray 9
Then spoon into ice cube tray moulds and cool immediately in the freezer or ice box.
Step 10in_tray 10
Don’t actually freeze them, just ensure they are very cold and completely solid.

Step 11
Press out of ice cube moulds as you would an ice cube and leave at room temperature.