Gender Reveal Bath Bombs!



Monday – Gender Reveal Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a super fun way to announce a new arrival.

Is it a boy or is it girl? Let’s find out…



  1. A large mixing bowl
  2. For this recipe, you will need the extra small round bath bomb moulds and the large bath bombs
  3. Kitchen scales
  4. A hand sprayer containing clean cold water



300g Bicarbonate of Soda

100g Citric Acid

10ml Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil of your choice



A teaspoon to measure the colour powders


Passion Pink Coated Mica Colour


Ocean Blue Coated Mica Colour


Gender Reveal Labels



Step 1

Just like our basic bath bomb recipe, measure out the bicarbonate of soda and the citric acid into the mixing bowl. Sieve if necessary and thoroughly mix together until you have a consistent texture. Add fragrance if you wish and make sure this is also thoroughly mixed in. I keep mine fragrance free.

Step 2

To make it easier and to also use up as much of the mixture as possible, I then split the mixture in equal amounts in to two bowls. These two separate mixtures are going to be for each colour.

Step 3

I now have my two bowls of bath bomb mixture.  For the first bowl, I’m going to use a bright pink powder colour in this case our Passion Pink powder colour. Using a teaspoon, carefully add ¼ teaspoon of the bright pink colour to your mixture and mix in thorough. If your mixture isn’t as bright as you would like it, just keep adding the colour powder little by little until you achieve the colour you wish for. In my case, I wanted bright pink as this will have the best results in the bath!

Step 4

My pink mixture is complete! Now it’s time for moulding.  Using my hand sprayer, a little at a time and working the mixture all the time, I spray a little water on it with the hand sprayer. Make sure you mix continuously to avoid it fizzing-up in the bowl and ONLY ADD ENOUGH WATER TO HAVE THE MIXTURE START TO HOLD TOGETHER WHEN LIGHTLY SQUEEZED IN YOUR HAND.

Step 5

To begin with, I need small round moulds for my coloured mixtures. These small moulds will make mini bath bombs that once dry; I will hide inside my larger mould later on in this recipe. I Fill each half just proud of the surface and press together for a few moments


Step 6

I then remove one half, being careful not to let the bath bomb fall out. You will now see that you have formed a small round pink Bath Bomb! I’m going to leave this one in its mould so it can dry ready for later. You can make as many with this mixture as you wish. I like to make up a few so I can pick the best one for the finished Bath Bomb.

Step 7

I repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 but with my ‘Geopearl’ Crystal Super Deep Blue Colour.

Step 8

I now have my little pink and blue bath bombs. I’m going to carry on leaving them to dry whilst I prepare my white “blank” mixture for the larger mould.

Step 9

I Repeat step one to create my white mixture in a new and clean bowl. When you do this make sure you stay clear of any colour! You don’t want to give away any hints now.

Step 10

I now have my white mixture ready for moulding.  I Repeat step 4 so that my mixture is at the right texture to then add to my larger mould for forming.

Step 11

I can now remove my little coloured bath bomb from their moulds.  If they are still a little wet, leave them for longer to dry.

Step 12

Just like in step 5 I fill each half of my larger round mould with my white mixture. The difference here is that I leave a gap in the middle of one half so I can place my mini colourful bath bomb inside. Once again, just like step 5 I press both halves together to form the bath bomb. My little colourful bath bomb should now be hidden inside!

Step 13

I now leave these to dry for a while in their mould!