Healing Salve

healing-salveSalves are richly moisturising combinations of oils that penetrate the skin helping to heal cracked and damaged areas. Especially useful for working hands and for chapped and cracked skin in winter. This healing salve uses Lavender oil, but you can choose your own essential or fragrance oils if you wish.





  1. A saucepan
  2. A glass or heat-proof measuring jug
  3. Suitable jar/s or tin/s
  4. Kitchen scales
  5. Tablespoon measure



Weigh the olive oil into the measuring jug. Weigh the cocoa butter and beeswax into the saucepan and heat gently. Once just melted remove from heat and add the olive oil to the pan mixing thoroughly. Add the Lavender oil and again, mix thoroughly. If the mixture starts to set you may need to apply a little more heat to liquify it fully again.
Whilst still warm and still liquid, pour into a suitable jar/s or tin/s and leave to cool fully.