Moisturising Body Butter

YOU'LL NEED.....This surprisingly simple recipe makes a lovely rich viscous emulsified (oil and water) body butter which can be made using any preferred choice of fragrance or essential oil/s.


  1. A small saucepan preferably with a good thick base
  2. Hand (balloon) whisk
  3. Accurate weighing scales
  4. Stirring spoon



Weigh all the ingredients except the preservative and essential/fragrance oil into the one saucepan.
Put the saucepan over a gentle heat and wait until the mango butter has almost completely melted. At this stage, the emulsifying wax will be softening to a gel. Whisk gently (more stirring than whisking), preferably with a hand whisk over a moderate heat until the emulsifying wax has completely incorporated and you have a watery-consistency white or white-ish emulsion (do not boil). It is important to keep the mixture HOT but not boiling until ALL the ingredients have completely emulsified with no traces of gel-like substance remaining. It will become opaque white-ish colour when the emulsifying wax has completed its job, so until this stage, keep on the heat (gently simmering, not boiling) and keep gently and slowly whisking, checking to make sure all traces of a clear gel-like substance have disappeared.
Add the remaining ingredients. Take off the heat and add the preservative (this comes as a powder which dissolves readily in water) and now using a spoon, stir in thoroughly, then continue gently stirring whilst the liquid starts to cool and takes on a slightly more creamy consistency. At this stage add the essential oils or fragrance, pour into a suitable container and leave to cool further stirring gently as the mixture cools and thickens. Once completely cool you should have a good quality moisturising body butter ready to transfer into a suitable jar or jars.
TIP: your mixture will cool much quicker if you place the container in a ‘bath’ of cold water.
NOTE: The addition of the preservative should guarantee a shelf life in excess of 6 months.