Moisturising Cream (using Durosoft Emulsifier)

cream-with-durosoftA very simple recipe that makes a wonderfully rich Moisturising Cream using a mix of natural skin-friendly oil, water and an extremely simple-to-use ‘Durosoft’ emulsifier.

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This recipe can be scaled up in proportion very easily.


  1. Accurate weighing scales
  2. A suitably sized mixing bowl or jug
  3. Two suitable saucepans
  4. A whisk
  5. A suitable container.


Phase A

100g Water (Deionized/distilled/purified)
1g Phenoxyethanol EHG (or suitable preservative)
3g Durosoft PK-SG. Natural PEG-Free Emulsifier

Phase B

0.5g Xanthan Gum
30g Sunflower Oil
3g Durosoft PK-SG. (emulsifier)

Phase C

20g Cetearyl Alcohol
2g Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil (optional)


Phase A: Mix water and Phenoxyethanol EHG together in a suitable saucepan add the Durosoft and mix thoroughly.

Phase B: In a separate jug or bowl add the sunflower oil, sprinkle the Xanthan gum on top and leave to sink in for a few minutes. Mix thoroughly until there are no lumps. Then add the second Durosoft and thoroughly mix again.

Add Phase B to Phase A and stir, then heat the lotion to 70°C

Phase C: Heat Cetearyl Alcohol in a separate saucepan to 70°C

Add Phase C to Phase AB

Stir until cool and mixed thoroughly, the cream will thicken as it cools. Add fragrance and mix until dispersed.

Pour into suitable container.

NOTE: This recipe produces a pleasantly light cream. Should you want a more viscous cream a thicker base could be achieved by discounting some of the water.

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