Orange Candle

orange_candleFor this recipe you will need our ‘Orange’ silicone candle mould together with the other items and ingredients.


  1. Cooker or Hob
  2. Double Boiler (recommended)
  3. Accurate weighing scales
  4. Protective Gloves
  5. Apron or Protective Clothing
  6. Teaspoon Measure


  • 1 x silicone mould (specifically our ‘Orange’ mould)
  • 1 x 85mm wick holder
  • 100g paraffin wax container
  • 1 x wick pin2-3 x orange wax chips for colour
  • 1 x LX10 3″ wick with sustainer
  • 5ml sweet orange oil

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First, gently melt 100g of Paraffin wax in a double boiler (or over a moderate heat in a thick-based saucepan). When fully melted place 2 to 3 (depending on desired colour) orange wax chips into pan.

When the orange chips have dissolved and completely mixed into the wax mix in 5ml of the essential Sweet Orange oil.

Mix oil for roughly one minute then take off heat and allow cooling for a few more minutes.

Whilst wax is cooling place wick holder across the silicone mould and insert wick pin point first into the middle hole of the holder.

Pour wax mixture into the mould whilst holding the wick pin in place to minimize movement.

Leave to completely set in a cool environment, preferably overnight. Once set gently remove wick pin, followed by the wick holder. Turn mould upside down and using both thumbs press gently in centre of mould to ease the candle from the mould.

Take one sustainer wick and insert into the underside of your Satsuma candle and trim wick to desired size.