Pre Wash Hair Conditioner

Pre-Wash-ConditionerA brief and simple recipe for making an effective oil-based pre-wash hair conditioner.


  1. A suitably sized mixing bowl
  2. A suitable bottle



Measure out 100ml of Sweet Almond Oil and 10ml of Wheatgerm Oil into a suitable bowl.

Using dropper bottles or a pipette, drop 35 drops of Cedarwood Oil and 15 drops of Rosemary Oil into the bowl and blend all the oils together.

Pour into a suitable bottle.


This form of conditioner is particularly beneficial for dry hair.

Warm the bottled hair oil in a cup of warm water and pour aprox 2 tbsp into your palm. Gently massage the warm oil into the hair and scalp, working from root to tip. Leave on the hair for 10-15 mins, covering with a plastic bag and wrapping in a towel if desired.

Rinse thoroughly and wash hair as normal with a gentle shampoo.