Spray Lotion (cold process)

spray-lotion-with-durosoftA very simple ‘cold process’ recipe that makes a wonderfully moisturising Spray Lotion using a mix of natural skin-friendly oil, glycerine, water and an extremely simple-to-use Durosoft emulsifier.

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This recipe can be scaled up in proportion very easily.


  1. Accurate weighing scales
  2. 2 suitably sized mixing bowls
  3. A stick blender
  4. A suitable bottle with finger spray


Phase A (water soluble Ingredients)

192g Water (Deionized/distilled/purified)
7.5g Glycerine
1.5g Phenoxyethanol EHG (or suitable preservative)
4g Durosoft PK-SG. Natural PEG-Free Emulsifier

Phase B (Oil soluble ingredients)

1g Xanthan Gum
37.5g Sunflower Oil
4g Durosoft PK-SG. Emulsifier
0.5g Vitamin E
2.5g Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil (optional)


Phase A: Weigh all the ingredients together in a suitable jug or bowl, mix thoroughly with a stick blender

Phase B: Weigh all the ingredients together in another jug or bowl, leave the Xanthan gum to sink in for a few minutes and then mix thoroughly with a stick blender until there are no lumps.

Add Phase B to Phase A and mix with a stick blender until homogenised.

Pour into suitable bottles.