Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

For these bombs we just use our standard bath bomb recipe, which is 3 parts Bicarbonate Soda to 1 part Citric Acid and can be found here:

We suggest colouring with a light lime green, but if you fancy making different colour tennis balls who are we to stop you!

You will need

  • Bath Bomb mixture, coloured and scented as you want.
  • LARGE Bath Bomb Moulds
  • Clay (Or something else to create markings within mould)


Once you have made your bath bomb mixture up, grab your moulds. For this we have used clay, as we find it holds better and can be stuck to the sides of the moulds, but as long as you can get it to stay other things could work.

Mark off where you would like you lines to be, you can do this one half of the mould, or both. Here is how we have done it:

Now it is time to add your mixture. Just pack it in to the moulds and ensure the lines, whatever they are made of, stay in place!

Once the bombs have dried, it is time to colour the lines. In order to get the lines white, we use a mixture of Titanium Dioxide and Alcohol to white wash them. Just using a small brush we apply the mixture between the lines in order to colour the bomb white.

And there you have it! Perfect for relaxing after the stress of just watching Wimbledon!