How to make a scented candle using soy wax by Reece at Couples Candles
This week's blog is written by Reece from Couples Candles. Couples Candles are based in Cornwall, England and run by partners Reece and Chlo. They
#MakeItMonday Super Squidgy Shower Jellies!
#MakeItMonday - Super Squidgy Shower Jellies

Alert Alert! We have a new ingredient that has just landed in The Soap Kitchen. What a better way to introduce you to this new
10 Tips for Running a Fayre or Market Stall
There is a lovely sense of community and a buzz of activity when you go to a fayre or market and look around at everyone’s wares on display. There is always a chance that you
#MakeItMonday - Autumn Bubble Bars
Yay! Autumn is here and it’s by far my favourite Season.

The sun is still shining but, the weather is a lot cooler and dog walks become a lot more pleasurable when there are
Diary of a Maker - September - Sophie Weld-Davies
A couple of months ago I had a slight epiphany and woke up one-morning thinking that Made at Burngate Farm does not have to be restricted to candles and soap, and a small
#MakeItMonday - Homemade Sea Salt Shampoo and Texturizing Spray
Our so called ‘Summer’ is officially over and I can safely say, I’ve spent more time preparing for this weeks ‘make it’ than I have out in the sun.


The Top 5 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners
Social media is a brilliant way to connect with your customer base and the internet community free of charge, but it changes and adapts so quickly it’s hard to know
#MakeItMonday – Soap Dough! Mouldable Soap
School holidays are almost over and we have a recipe to get squishy with this bank holiday. This one is for the whole family, or if you’re a big kid like me, then why not just