Natural Deodorant

More and more people are wanting to know exactly what is in their cosmetics, especially leave on skincare products such as deodorants, so it is hardly surprising that homemade natural […]

Wave Melt & Pour Soap

This week’s #makeitmonday we’re showcasing our new Wave & Splash mould designs. As part of our Marine Campaign we’ve produced four fantastic different designs exploring the organic shapes created by […]

Bubble & Blake- Interview with a Maker

Hello, firstly tell us a bit about yourself… Hi! I’m Angela. I am originally from Spain but I have been living in England for nearly ten years. I live in […]

Mermaid Sea Salt Spray

Create your own texturising sea salt spray to effortlessly achieve that ocean kissed, wavy, mermaid style hair – no one needs know that you haven’t been on the beach all […]

Keep compliant with your cosmetic products!

Our friends at Cosmetic Label Review Services Ltd, have recently informed us that there is an upcoming fragrance ingredient ban that could possibly affect our customers and their products. Fragrance […]

Triangle Melt & Pour Soap

Make your own ocean inspired triangle melt and pour soap- another Marine themed creation for this week’s #makeitmonday. Sonia shows us how you can get creative with just a few […]

SEO Hacks For Your Small Niche Business

This week we have a guest contributor Jodie to give us some helpful info about how to effectively use SEO specifically for small niche businesses such as selling handmade soap […]

Soothing Seaweed Mask

Continuing our Marine themed campaign this Spring, we’re exploring the treasures our ocean’s hold and how we can utilise these wonderful ingredients within the cosmetic industry. This week we have […]

Packaging Issues- part 1

Packaging Issues- from a wholesale supplier’s perspective Directors Richard & Lesley recently returned from the annual Packaging Innovations conference in London. This is an opportunity for many of the countries […]