Ways of Selling your Cosmetic Products Online
In an increasingly digital-age the internet offers you and your business a much wider customer base than you would be able to access through traditional retailing.

Warehouse Role
Did you know that there is a whole team of warehouse staff that hand-pick, weigh out, measure and pack up every individual order before it is ready to dispatch to you? This is not Amazon! Everything is
Diary of a Maker - July - Sophie Weld-Davies
Well it is now summer and show season is well under way. I seem to have taken a step up and step back, a step up in the quality of shows that I am doing and a step back in
Branding, Identity and Logo Design
If you are setting up a soap making or toiletry business then one of the many things you need to do is consider your branding, identity and logo design. Brand and identity are much more
Diary of a Maker – June – Sarah Harper
I am always being asked how we chose our packaging and where it comes from. Whenever I teach my business 1-2-1 courses I stress the importance of finding unique packaging that reflects
Festival Makeup
With the summer months, what are normally tranquil fields of green across Britain fill with crowds of visitors – rows of tents, mud and merriment. Along with exuberant dancing, campfires and naturally
Do your products comply with all the directives and regulations?
Along with setting yourself up as a business legally it is also important for your products to comply with all the relevant directives and regulations.
The Dreaded Orange Spot

What is dreaded orange spot?
If you are an unlucky cold process soap maker you might have experienced the Dreaded Orange Spot aka DOS. It is precisely as it sounds... orange spots in your soap.