#MakeItMonday Super Squidgy Shower Jellies!
#MakeItMonday - Super Squidgy Shower Jellies

Alert Alert! We have a new ingredient that has just landed in The Soap Kitchen. What a better way to introduce you to this new
10 Tips for Running a Fayre or Market Stall
There is a lovely sense of community and a buzz of activity when you go to a fayre or market and look around at everyone’s wares on display. There is always a chance that you
#MakeItMonday - Autumn Bubble Bars
Yay! Autumn is here and it’s by far my favourite Season.

The sun is still shining but, the weather is a lot cooler and dog walks become a lot more pleasurable when there are
Diary of a Maker - September - Sophie Weld-Davies
A couple of months ago I had a slight epiphany and woke up one-morning thinking that Made at Burngate Farm does not have to be restricted to candles and soap, and a small
#MakeItMonday - Homemade Sea Salt Shampoo and Texturizing Spray
Our so called ‘Summer’ is officially over and I can safely say, I’ve spent more time preparing for this weeks ‘make it’ than I have out in the sun.


The Top 5 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners
Social media is a brilliant way to connect with your customer base and the internet community free of charge, but it changes and adapts so quickly it’s hard to know
#MakeItMonday – Soap Dough! Mouldable Soap
School holidays are almost over and we have a recipe to get squishy with this bank holiday. This one is for the whole family, or if you’re a big kid like me, then why not just
A Letter to my Younger Self
When I was asked about doing this article it really set me thinking. Like many of us, especially those who are business owners or aspiring business owners, I’ve long had a strong sense of self-belief,