Liquid Soap v Bar Soap

Liquid Soap v Soap BarOver the last few years it has become normal to wash our hands more frequently with liquid soap. Be it hygiene or simply easier when you are in a rush. What are the pros and cons to using liquid soap v bar soap?

Liquid Soap

The advantages

The convenience of using liquid soap when you have children or are in a public toilet is certainly clear asit’s more hygienic. It reduces the exchange of germs between users as no one touches the soap. With fancy dispensers it’s easyto use and refill. Unlike a soap bar, liquid soap doesn’t get mushy. Made from similar ingredients to a bar soap, liquid soap tends to create a richer lather, a factor many prefer and believe this means liquid soap is doing a better job of cleaning than a bar soap. Liquid soap can also have a lower pH level than a bar soap so may be gentler and more suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The disadvantages

Liquid soap has additional packaging such as bottles and pump dispensers, which increases the cost. The packaging is not environmentally friendly if not recycled. You might waste a little water getting the liquid soap out the bottle or you might wash some of the soap away before you have had a chance to use it depending on if you are washing your hands or in the shower.  There might also be less of a range of liquid soap compared to a bar soap.

A Bar of Soap

The advantages

A benefit of a bar soap is that you use as much as you need and there is no real waste. Depending on how a soap bar is wrapped there is no packaging heading to landfill making it a more environmental choice. Packed in either paper or cardboard both can be recycled. You also use less water to wash the lather off as a bar soap doesn’t produce as much lather compared to liquid soap. There is a wider range of soap bars available for various different types of skin.

The disadvantages

Bacteria and gems could be passed onto the next user though the user is unlikely to have bacteria on their skin after use. If left in standing water a soap bar becomes mushy, leading to mess and waste. Bar soaps tend to have a higher pH level than liquid soap which may be more likely to dry the skin compared to a liquid soap.

The Conclusion between Liquid Soap v Bar Soap

Using liquid soap, in somewhere like a public toilet, has both convenience and hygiene benefits. A bar of soap is more economical in a household where packaging is reduced and there are fewer users. You also have more choice of what bar soap might suit your skin type.

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