Rose Water & Egg White Soap

Hello! My name is April and I love making cold process soap. I suspect that it may actually even be a part of my DNA! I am from Port Sunlight, the home of Sunlight Soap and three generations of my family have worked for Lever Brothers. My grandmother worked in the Weights and Measures department and my great aunt was a ‘Fancy Box Maker’. This involved making intricate soap presentation boxes with pleated silk interiors for visiting VIPs. I was also fortunate enough to spend time at Unilever Historical Archive where I worked on the digital cataloguing of the Pears Soap collection with its wonderful soap advertising.

My signature soap recipe combines olive pomace, coconut, safflower and avocado oils with illipe butter. I have a small business called Lantern Lily Soaps and I sell at fairs and online via Facebook and Instagram. My soaps are also available from Concept Corner in New Brighton, on the Wirral. I find lots of inspiration in vintage soaps and I love researching and recreating new versions of old classic recipes. Currently I am making a reinterpretation of Queen Victoria’s favourite soap, Old Brown Windsor.

Clementine & Prosecco and Palmarosa-/Poppy Seed and Saffron soap loaves—Gift basket—Lantern Lily Soap collection

The soap recipe that I would love to share with you is my version of an egg white soap. There is a tradition of making these soaps in Sweden, Belgium and Korea. The most well-known Swedish soap combines egg whites with lanolin and rosewater and is based on the facial masks used by generations of Swedish women. The Belgian version does not contain lanolin, but chamomile flower oil is added.

I hope that you will enjoy making my recipe. It assumes competency in cold process soap making, particularly the safe use of sodium hydroxide. Please check using a lye calculator if you decide to scale the recipe up. It is intended for personal use only.

April’s Egg White Soap


175g lard (35%)

125g olive pomace (25%)

100g coconut oil (20%)

50g shea butter (10%)

25g castor oil (5%)

25g argan oil (5%)

3g red French clay

40-45g rose water

10g choice of essential oil

Sodium Hydroxide 70g

Water 110g

The total amount of water required is actually 190g, however you deduct 80g from this amount to account for the fact that you will be including a mixture of rose water and egg white at trace. You should start by separating a fresh egg and weighing the white. The weight of a  large egg white varies between 35 and 40g. The total weight of your egg white and rosewater needs to be 80g; so for example, if your egg white weighs 35g then you need to add 45g of rose water.


Combine the rosewater and egg white thoroughly and blend with 3g of red French clay. Once you have blended your base oils and butters, add this mixture at a fine trace along with 10g of your chosen essential oil. Rose Geranium or chamomile oils particularly suit this soap!

Your soap is now ready for your chosen mould. I used a loaf mould and added a pencil line of cocoa powder for decoration. I leave my soaps for 48 hours before demoulding. I then cut them a day after that. Your finished soap will need to cure for 4 to 6 weeks before use.

Enjoy! April

Lantern Lily Soaps (April Cheetham)

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